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Lohri Recipes

Lohri RecipesDuring the Lohri celebrations, people are very particular about what they eat thus making Lohri recipes very special. Marking the end of winter season, the occasion of Lohri is more than a festival, it is a way of life. Thus, during special occasions like the Lohri Festival, the best cuisine is displayed.

A traditional dinner is “mandatory”, including specific foods that will later be thrown into the bonfire, symbolizing the spark of life. Lohri, marked by the preparation of goodies is blessed in the sense that all the Lohri special recipes are easy to cook.

The festival of Lohri offer a great opportunity for people of Punjab to enjoy the traditional delicacies that are cooked using the traditional recipes. These traditional recipes have been passed on from generations to generations. These special recipes provide a great opportunity to discover and taste the delicacies of Indians. Everybody is allowed to forget about their health related problem and enjoy the food and sweets to the fullest.

Sweets are added attractions to the festive mood of Lohri and is well known for offering sweets that are a must eat during this period. A must eat because as one goes from home to home wishing people on this festival as it is considered a omen to offer sweets to the well wisher. This section of Lohri recipes are easy to cook and equally delicious to eat.

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