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Lohri Cards

Lohri cards are the most special way to convey the festival wishes to dear and near ones. Sending a beautiful card imprinted with lovely thoughts has emerged like a tradition. Lohri is more than a festival for Indians. Apart from celebrating this colorful festival with fun and joy, people love to give good wishes and blessings to their loved ones. Lohri cards play a very vital role in expressing love, emotions and also help in heeling sour relations..

Over the past few years, Lohri celebrations have grown up from villages to urban areas. People do not miss any chance to share the joy of the winter festival. Millions of Lohri cards are exchanged every year. People find it the most convenient and best way to greet Lohri to their relatives and friends.

Lohri Card Designs and Patterns

Lohri cards are designed keeping in mind the groups of people. Lohri cards are customized keeping in mind various relations. There are special cards for newly wed couple, elder people, friends, family members and even for the mothers of newly born babies. Card manufacturers have come up with many innovative ideas. Colors and images are matched very well to depict the true spirit of the festival. Lohri cards reflect the festival with the natural feel in it. These days printable cards are available on Internet which can be downloaded for free. Thus, Lohri cards can be kept forever as the most precious wishes are attached to it.

Essence of Lohri Greeting Cards

Lohri Greeting cards reflect the true Indian tradition with a hint of some modern concepts. The basic Lohri designs which are liked by people of all classes include the holy bonfire, traditional folk dances and images of good harvest. Lohri cards are usually based on themes reflecting messages of brotherhood, peace and unity.

Lohri E-cards

Internet provides a wide range of E-cards. It has become a very popular and easy medium of expressing feelings and emotions. People find it to be a very elegant way of sending Lohri wishes. E-cards include animated pictures with special Lohri songs and beautiful quotes that enhances the value and spirit of the festival. E-cards can also be personalized to give it a loving touch. Lohri cards have appeared like a precious thing for the Punjabi families living in distant areas. It is the most convenient and cost free way of expressing wishes for someone so special.

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